Dinosaur Art Exhibit


                     About The Exhibit

This is a close-up profile of his Kronosaurus sculpture.  Remains have not revealed the skin texture of this creature due to its sea habitat.   Mark chose this crocodile like texture for this model.  A whale like texture was chosen for an earlier sculpture  he completed of this pliosaur.  His easy to install adjustable term dinosaur art exhibit is an obvious, yet wonderful advertising opportunity.  The images for any particular exhibit can be selected from panels readily available.  Clients can select panels that will most accurately support their chosen theme.  Images such as this are in an e-book called Pliosaur ART by Mark Musy.  This and his other two books, Theropod ART and T-rex ART display details which can aid in a museum's decisions in presenting this adjustable small scale traveling dinosaur art exhibit.  The realism and attention to detail are sure to impress museum visitors.